6:14 - CES
10:46 - SpectreMeltdown
17:15 - Are we all suckers?
31:08 - Browser Wars Did MeltdownSpectre show we're all suckers?

Are we trusting OSS too much?
OSS Suckers: https://hackernoon.com/im-harvesting-...
Browser Wars: https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/4/168...
CES: https://www.ces.tech/ https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/6/168... https://idevicesinc.com/news/129/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bobandkevinshow

January 4, 2018

Episode 11 - Bran Kroc

Bran is a 19-year-old college sophomore studying gender studies at Mount Holyoke College in Western Massachusetts. They are non-binary and trans, and are interested in activism and social justice. In their free time, they enjoy knitting, sewing, and reading as many books as they can carry home from the library. Bran has known the Baty-Barrs since before birth, and grew up with the kids through childhood, martial arts, and marching band. 


Happy New Year! Today we talk about the Apple battery controversy, Umbraco Slack, Sophia the Robot, tech resolutions and the iMac Pro.

December 30, 2017

Episode 10 - Owen Baty-Barr

Owen is an 18-year-old high school graduate who is a second-degree black-belt, crew member on a sailboat for 2 summers, two-year member of the blue stars world class drum and bugle corps color guard, and works 3 jobs teaching at 2 high schools and making coffee.  

Bob was incredibly lucky to secure him as a last minute guest on the show, My Friends Are Amazing, due to Owens incredibly busy schedule.

December 22, 2017

Episode 9 - Josh Baty-Barr

Josh and I covered everything from sleeping in a hammock to being a sound engineer for large touring bands... Josh is a college Junior and is studying music business at Elmhurst College. He has always had a love for music and has recently discovered a love for the outdoors. In his free time, he likes to listen to music and spend time with people. He is employed as a Barista and a sound engineer in his hometown of Batavia IL... oh yeah... and he is my oldest son.


I think the show is finally starting to establish a personality and plant our flag on what types of events we will cover and discussions we will have. I also think we have found our true running length... looks like we are about a 40 minute show :P This week we covered the Net Neutrality, Star Wars, our best of 2017 picks and of course we had quiz time, which is my favorite segment. Please help us out and hit that subscribe button!

December 14, 2017

Episode #8 - John Coulter

What is there left to be said about John Coulter that history books will not reveal to us? In a world of gray and black John Coulter is a bright red tassel. He lives by the ancient Tibetan philosophy,”don’t start none won’t be none.” 

He is an Eagle Scout, a 4th° black belt, a 30-year truck driver, a standup comic, a loving and devoted husband and friend, and one time in Tasmania, he punched Russel Crowe in the face. The conundrum that is John COULTER is simply unraveled by the phrase, “let’s get a beer.” Congratulations to everyone that has the pleasure of meeting him. 


This week we used OBS Studio for the tech behind the scenes. The episode was great and covered bitcoin, the Wait Until 8th campaign, Umbraco and more!

Lillian is a 16 year old Gymnast, high school student, volunteer, coach and barista – when she isn't doing all those things, she does her best to try to take time for herself... oh, yeah, and she is my daughter :)


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